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BSc, B Optom (Hons), MChD, DipOphthSci, FRACGP

Dr Allan Chain graduated from ANU and has previously practiced as an optometrist. He completed 5 years of hospital training in Concord, Blacktown, and Broken Hill. 

In his spare time, Allan has taught himself the guitar but also plays the saxophone. He enjoys a game of cricket and cycling, as well as spending time with his wife and two sons.


Areas of interest:

· Paediatric Health

· Family medicine

· Men's health

· Chronic Disease Management

· Immunisations

· Eye Conditions


Dr Chain is an accredited Hepatitis B s100 prescriber.



· The Australian National University 

Languages spoken: Cantonese


Dr Allan Chain (ABN 79 422 387 445) provides medical services as an independent tenant doctor at the Maxim Street Health Hub. He is not an employee of the healthcare facility, and maintains full professional autonomy in the treatment and invoicing of his patients. Further information about his medical practice can be found at

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